So is a Drug Right for You?

With all due respect for the Moody Blues, Timothy Leary is dead.  And at some time, you and I will be dead too.  As Jim Morison said, “No one gets out of here alive.”  With that physical finality in mind, I know of no better use of my time than to popularize the spirituality that exists within everyone’s own mind.

The famous “Good Friday Experiment” on April 20, 1962 at Boston University’s Marsh Chapel proved beyond a doubt that a true “religious experience” can be facilitated with a drug.  The single, most authoritative account of that study:  “The Religious Experience: Its Production and Interpretation” was presented by Dr. Timothy Leary on August 30, 1963 to the 71st Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association.  The event was sponsored by the Board of Theological Education of the Lutheran Church in America and held at the Bellevue Stratford Hotel in Philadelphia, USA.

To summarize:  The 69 professional workers in religious vocations who took the psychedelic drug, psilocybin; were responsible, respected, thoughtful, and moral individuals who were grimly aware of the controversial nature of the procedure and aware that their reputations and jobs might be undermined.  Still, 75% of the test group reported a religious experience.

There are many predisposing factors – health, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, social, family, even age – that may cause a person to be ready for a mind expanding experience that may lead another to shrink back from seeking new levels of god-consciousness.

To test the hypothesis of this book, that you can take one toke of cannabis and experience a genuine spiritual experience, is your decision.  Please follow the 12 Guidelines for the best results and note that your experience is nothing like taking LSD or any of the psychedelics because cannabis is not a psychedelic drug.  Cannabis is the only non-psychedelic entheogen that provides a direct connection between your mind and the God within you.

Please note that Cannabis Spiritual Center only advocates the responsible individual use of cannabis for spirituality where it is legal in the privacy of your own residence.