Cannabis – An Entheogenic Sacrament

Listen…  You will not hear it.
Look… You cannot see it.
We see it everywhere but never see its face.
We follow it everywhere but never see its back.

What is it?  The truth.

The simple truth is that we are all part of one spiritual being that existed before we materialized on Earth and will exist after we leave this physical sphere.

The simple truth is that organized religion is the problem that has led to most of the strife on Earth.  It simply need not be so.

Quite simply, as part of the spiritual being, we are drawn, driven and motivated to seek some form of outward magnification of our inner spiritual being.

Regretfully, our ego-driven spirituality has organized religions that have created the worst physical experiences, the most inhumane conditions, economic strife, starvation, mass suffering, global wars and death.

The simple truth is that it need not be so.

There is no need for dogma, commandments, sermons or any of the trappings of an “organized” religion.  Today’s decentralized society welcomes a decentralized and individual God/Man relationship.

Religion need not be organized.  Religious holidays need not be observed.  Ceremonies may be enjoyed but are not required.  Nothing needs to be done to be spiritual.  Each of us is a spiritual being.

When you stop being religious, spirituality begins.

Spirituality is personal.  It need not be expressed in groups.  Your personal spirituality is best expressed individually and when you are alone.

God is within all of us, regardless of our religious upbringing, brainwashing or personal shortcomings.  It is simple to rise above your physical being and discover your own spiritual being without going to any official church.

Your personal God/Man relationship is easily achieved.  It is simple to open the door to your spiritual being that dwells within.  Just take one toke of the sacred sacrament cannabis, lie down in a darkened room and relax. God is within you. God is within us all.