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The Truth About Cannabis

Modern men and women have grown up in a fake reality.  Or worse, we were sold a fake concept of God by most of the world’s religions.  Harsh words, but true. External vs. internal.  Behavior vs. consciousness.  We have all been led to divorce what “is” from what “can be.”  In the last two thousand […]

Cannabis – An Entheogenic Sacrament

Listen…  You will not hear it. Look… You cannot see it. We see it everywhere but never see its face. We follow it everywhere but never see its back. What is it?  The truth. The simple truth is that we are all part of one spiritual being that existed before we materialized on Earth and […]

The Tao of Cannabis, DNA and Psychedelic Prayers

In sanctifying DNA as no mere molecule but as a potentially awesome experience and relating it to the Tao, Timothy Leary ascends far beyond simple analogy-making. In Psychedelic Prayers, as in all his works, he champions the sparkle of awe as its own most worthy research discovery; without its wondrous quiverings during any research, we are […]

Spirituality Spot Found in Brain

By: Robin Nixon Live Science December 24th, 2008 What makes us feel spiritual? It could be the quieting of a small area in our brains, a new study suggests. The area in question — the right parietal lobe — is responsible for defining “Me,” said researcher Brick Johnstone of Missouri University. It generates self-criticism, he […]

Dome Spirituality

The dome is interesting not only aesthetically or mathematically, but also philosophically and spiritually.  Everything that man does is, in a sense, a statement of his outlook on life.  A stiff mind will generally be attracted to straight, not curved, lines.  A materialistic person, attached as his is to solid matter, will be inclined to […]


The Cannabis Spiritual Center (CSC) in Malibu, California, takes the high road of scholarly research, like Esalen in Big Sur, to establish the personal entheogenic spirituality of cannabis. Like the Paramahansa Yogananda Lake Shrine on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, CSC is a unique manifestation of the God within all of us. CSC is devoted […]

So is a Drug Right for You?

With all due respect for the Moody Blues, Timothy Leary is dead.  And at some time, you and I will be dead too.  As Jim Morison said, “No one gets out of here alive.”  With that physical finality in mind, I know of no better use of my time than to popularize the spirituality that […]

Book Preface

Spiritual seekers through the years, centuries, millennia, have sought innumerable ways to connect with the divine. Burnt offerings, self-flagellation, extended isolation, mutilation, fasting, sexual abstinence, sexual promiscuity, the intense moral and ethical training known in ancient Greece as askēsis – these and many more approaches to the realm beyond the mundane have had their day. But […]

My Discovery of Cannabis Spirituality

The time has now come for me to answer Timothy Leary’s nagging question, “When will you accept that you are a messenger of God?” First, we are all messengers of God. What greater calling could there be? Second, I answered this calling some forty years ago with the Brotherhood of Eternal Love.  And like most children […]